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Lift Louisiana Fundraiser

Lift Louisiana Fundraiser

We are excited to host the founders of Lift Louisiana and raise funds for this important organization. This is a great opportunity to learn about the realities of women’s health in our sister state of Louisiana and contribute to an organization that works endlessly for safe access to healthcare.

In just the last five years, more than half of the clinics in Louisiana have closed their doors and now only three operate in the state. Lift Louisiana provides critical legal support for women’s health and reproductive rights by protecting clinics from closing, protecting providers from losing their licenses, and defending people’s ability to access healthcare.

Please join us at Finnegan’s Wake on Friday Oct. 20, 2017. With live music by #EricDiBerardino. A percentage of evenings bar proceeds go directly to the organization and your donations make an immediate contribution to the continuation of educating, advocating and litigating for reproductive rights in Louisiana.

You can make your online donation when you register https://goo.gl/3aGdy7, select RSVP with donation.

Thank you!


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